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Our Science is taught across the year and focuses on three main areas: Physical Processes, Materials and Living Things. 

Each area enables pupils to work scientifically and to enhance their scientific enquiry skills, to gain a greater understanding of the world around them and to think more deeply; explaining how and analysing why things happen the way they do accurately. It is imperative that our pupils in Science are exposed to wonderful awe and wonder moments whether this be from natural phenomena or from the excitement of seeing something occur for the very first time. 

Below are our agreed principles: Principles of Good Science Teaching and Learning. Children are given opportunities to work in a variety of ways to conduct practical investigations to explore scientific theories. Teachers provide an environment that creates a buzz, stimulates discussion, challenges thinking and creates awe and wonder for ALL pupils. Lessons are engaging and linked to: real-life contexts, prior learning and other curriculum subjects. 

Children are encouraged to make choices about their investigations and how they record and explain them. Children are able to express their learning using the correct, age-appropriate scientific language. Teachers facilitate and promote a love of science through high-quality teaching, access to good resources and external expertise.