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School Policies

Please find all school policies below for download. Should you require the school to print a copy of any policy document, please ask at the school office where they will be happy to help. 

Disabled Access                                         

All parts of the school are accessible to all children, members of staff and visitors with disabilities. We have a detailed policy to ensure that all children have equal access to our provision; including the curriculum. This is available on request.

Medical Matters and Medicines     

 The admission form requests medical details which may affect a child's well-being whilst at school - such as asthma, allergies etc. We keep this information confidential amongst relevant staff and request that parents keep us updated with health matters arising during their child's time at the school. We appreciate being kept up to date with changes of address, telephone contact numbers and of any events in your child's life that might affect their work or well-being. If a child needs to have medicine administered during the school day, parents should complete a consent form at the school office. The medicine should be clearly labelled with the child’s name and dosage required and should be given to the school secretary who will follow the instructions accordingly. Under no circumstances should medicine be carried around school or left in a bag in the cloakroom. The exception to this rule is inhalers. The inhaler should be clearly named and can be kept by the child. For the occasional or emergency user, inhalers may be held in the school office.


During their time at school, there may be opportunities to publicise some of the activities in which your child is involved. This may well involve filming or photographing children for use in the local media. As a school, we welcome these opportunities, believing that positive publicity benefits all involved with the school, and we hope that you do too. There may be occasions when we arrange photography for our own purposes, such as displays and school brochures, or events where parents wish to take photographs e.g. sports day and concerts. 

Photography or filming will only take place with the permission of the Headteacher, and under the supervision of a teacher. All parents receive a form giving them the option to refuse permission for their child’s image to be used. Parents who wish to video events in school are required to fill in a consent form obtained from the school office. This is to comply with Child Protection legislation.