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  • Weekly Attendance 18.9.23-22.9.23

    Published 22/09/23

    Year 3 take top spot!

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  • Weekly Attendance 11.9.23-15.9.23

    Published 15/09/23

    Year 4 storm to victory with 100%

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  • Weekly Attendance 6.9.23-8.9.23

    Published 10/09/23

    Two classes seal early victory with 100%

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  • Attendance matters.

    Published 30/06/23

    Attendance figures remain strong.

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  • This week's attendance news.

    Published 23/06/23

    Better figures this week.

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  • Weekly attendance update.

    Published 16/06/23

    Amazing figures for one class this week.

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  • Weekly attendance news.

    Published 17/03/23

    5LA keep their lead.

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  • Final half term attendance

    Published 21/10/22

    A clear winning class this week.

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  • Attendance news

    Published 14/10/22

    Two classes tie for second best attendance but we have a clear winner.

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  • Weekly Attendance Race

    Published 23/09/22

    Weekly Attendance Race crowns a new winner!

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  • Weekly Attendance Award

    Published 16/09/22

    Weekly Attendance Award

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  • Girls' Football Team Begin

    Published 28/03/22

    Ormesby's Female Footballers grow into the game!

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