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A World Full of Books

This is the blog post for the weeks commencing 20/02/2023 and 27/02/2023

In Maths, we continued our work on 2D shape but also learnt about 3D shapes, using nets to create our own shapes. We also started to look closely about the pattern when we multiply and divide by 10 or 100. We will be continuing our work on decimals and will probably be constantly singing the decimal song!

In English, we have been finishing our class write of a diary entry from Roman times and have been working really hard on the idea of being in two minds about something. Next week, we write!

In Guided Reading, we have changed the structure of our lessons and have really enjoyed looking at extracts from books. We enjoyed this even more as we have had the Travelling Book Fair in for an opportunity for children to buy some of their own readings book. In addition, we enjoyed World Book day when we got to dress up as some characters and listen to different stories during Guided Reading time.

In Topic, we finished our work on the Vikings, learning about the Viking take over, recent excavations and where they settled. Now, we move over to Geography where we have been learning about river features, rivers around the world and the water cycle.

In PE, we have started Rugby with Miss Vickery and Gymnastics with Mr Carr.