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This is the blog post for the weeks commencing 30/01/2023 and 06/02/2023

In Maths, we have been working on 2D shape, lines and angles. We have learnt about horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines; as well as acute, right and obtuse angles. We applied our new knowledge outside the classroom and tried to find these lines and angles around the school environment. We also explored and identified 2D shapes by knowing their properties. 

In English, we have written our own explanation text on our class favourite - ROCKS! After this, we have started to work on our new unit, The Diary of Iliona which is a diary entry from Roman times. We will be creating our own diary entry but linking with our current History topic - The Vikings.

In History, we have started to learn about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We have explored the reasons why the Anglo-Saxons came over in to the UK, where they settled and solved the mystery of the empty coffin. Next, it was our FIRST OUT-OF-SCHOOL TRIP!! We visited the Time and Tide museum and learnt all about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, and how they lived together. After the trip, we delved deeper into the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings; learning about how the ANglo-Saxons became Christians over time, looking at Viking Stereotypes and their bad reputation.

In ICT, we have finished our video creations all about, you guessed it, rocks!

We had our final weeks of swimming and were assessed for our 25meter swim. Then, we got to enjoy an afternoon playing tag rugby games with premier sport.