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First Half-Term COMPLETE!

This is the blog post for the week commencing 17/10/2022

Well 3GV, we have made it through the first half-term in Junior School!

This week, we finished our 2nd Independent Write of the term. I have seen many different inanimate objects fall in love in your stories! We focused on portraying the objects feelings, inner thoughts, using personification, giving the objects dialogue, using our paragraphs and using onomatopoeia (a 3GV favourite!). I look forward to reading them over the holidays.

In Maths, we have continued our hard work on Addition and Subtraction with exchange. We have explored a variety of methods to support our learning including Base 10, pictorial, abstract and the formal methods. 

3GV have focused on Black History Month in Topic and in Guided Reading. The class have learnt about Bessie Coleman, Mary Seacole and Jesse Owens in detail. In addition, children have taken it upon themselves to learn about other significant individuals such as Sir Lenny Henry, Diane Abbot and Lennox Lewis; and black sporting stars such as Marcus Rashford, Simone Biles, Mo Farah and Nicola Adams.

This week we also visited the Church for Harvest Festival - it was a wonderful sight to see how many children donated food for this event. I got to see some super spooky Year 3's attend the Halloween disco; and on the last day of term, we had a special treat from Premier Sport, giving us a taste of how to play Quidditch!

A jam-packed, fun-filled and exciting first half-term!

Well done 3GV, have a fantastic week off :)