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KG study theology

It has been RE week in y34 this week.

This week we have tackled some very challenging learning as we have tried to get to grips with what people of faith believe about God.   We have particularly focussed on Muslim beliefs but also learned about the other 2 Abrahamic faiths whose followers believe in one God.   We have learned some difficult vocabulary - Abrahamic religions, monotheistic, shahadah - and found about the beliefs and practices of Islam, Christianity and Judaism comparing them and looking for similarities and differences.

We are always impressed by how interested the children are in these complex questions and how respectfully they consider the views and beliefs of others.   We have had some good discussions and talked about all kinds of things.    Well done everyone.

In other news this week we have learned more about how animals move and continued to study the creatures who live in our oceans.   In PE with Premier Sports we were practising the skills we will need for sports day which is coming up soon.  We had an exciting time at the disco and are looking forward to meeting our new teachers in our new classrooms on Monday.

We hope everyone has a great weekend and that the sun continues to shine.