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KG go potty.

Children get creative with clay.

Earlier this week the class had the opportunity to work with clay for the first time in ages.   This is always a popular activity even though it can be a bit messy.   There is something about the feel of clay that most children - and many adults - find very satisfying.   We made some coil pots which are now drying nicely at the side of the classroom.   We hope to paint them next week - they are going to look splendid.

Our other main work this week has been to get into some independent writing based on our Write Stuff story - The Whale.   We have been planning our own similar story and trying to include as many elements of the sentence stacking lessons as we can, to show how our writing is improving.   Children have worked hard to write for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, on their own, to build some writing stamina.    They have managed really well.

We have been busy and the week has flown by.

Have a great weekend.