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KG head in to The Blue Abyss

It has been a watery week in KG.

We have started work on our new topic - The Blue Abyss - this week.   

Our key question is  'Are all sea creatures the same ?' so we will be investigating the world's oceans to find the answer.  So far we have learned the names and locations of the world's top 5 oceans and found out a bit about their geographical features.   We used an excellent song to help us with this learning.   There are lots of great resources which will help us find out more about some of the amazing creatures which live in our oceans.

We have continued collecting vocabulary and interesting sentences in our Write Stuff work.   The story is moving on and we think the heroine  - Lucy - is getting closer to her dream as she has seen a hazy silhouette through her binoculars.

Finally this afternoon we enjoyed being outside with our Premier Sports coach, Mr Sayer.   He is going to be doing some athletics skills with us over the next few weeks so that will be fun.

It is going to be a busy and tiring half term but we are up to the challenge and looking ahead to lots of interesting activities.