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A colourful week in KG

Colour has surrounded us in KG this week.

We have been working really hard on our colour related poems and the finished results are stunning.   We started the week by writing out our completed poems following the shape of "I asked a little boy who cannot see ..."   We used our own ideas for each of the colours taken from all our sentence stacking lessons.   Then we made our backgrounds using scribble art, which we coloured in using many different colours.   This took a long time because the scribbles had lots of small pieces which all needed to be a different colour - everyone concentrated really hard to do a good job.   Next we had the challenge of copying the poems onto see through paper which was quite tricky as the paper is quite slippy.   Again we had to concentrate hard so we didn't make mistakes or smudge our writing.   Finally the see through poems were laid over the colourful backgrounds and - ta-da - they look fabulous.   Next week we hope to send you a photo of them on display in school.

Alongside this work we have been enjoying a picture book called The Day The Crayons Quit which is very funny, especially as we found a version on you tube which is read in different accents.   It made us all laugh.   

We have also done some painting.

Everyone is ready for a well deserved weekend so we hope you have fun and manage to relax.