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3SY are scientists

Science in our classroom

Hello everyone, this week in the afternoons we have been studying our first science topic 'Light'.

We started by thinking about what light is and how it behaves. We know that light always travels in straight lines because we can't see around corners. But light can be reflected, which means it bounces off surfaces and travels in other directions. This explains how we can see how good-looking we are in the mirror! We also learned that some surfaces reflect lots of light, and some don't. This explains how objects look light or dark.

We learned about light sources, which are objects that create light, like the Sun, the stars, lamps, headlights, torches and even TV screens.

Most recently we have looked at light from the Sun and how to keep ourselves safe by using things like sunscreen, sunglasses and even parasols!

Stay tuned for our next blog! See you soon!