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Working hard in 5LA.

We are very busy.

This week at school we've been up to exciting English such as  independent writing  and learning new vocabulary and spelling.   We've been letting our imaginations run wild with new adventures in tropical jungles with adventurous characters.   In maths we've been doing fun rounding, subtracting and adding and we've done our ten in tens every morning.   In PE we've been doing hockey, some bench ball then in gymnastics we’ve been doing brilliant balances and then on to jumps and now we’re doing rolls - backwards rolls, forward rolls and teddy bear rolls.   We have explored the world of grammar for example we've done plurals and possessive plurals and how to use an apostrophe in the right way.   In guided reading with Miss McMylor and Mrs Angel we’ve been reading Skellig by David Almond and we've found out some interesting words that many of us didn't know about.  Mr Millings group have been doing The Brilliant Escape and found exciting words that are funny and are good for describing.   Our class read is called The Dream Snatcher by Abi Elphinstone.

By Karis and Zac