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A Colourful Week

Working with colours.

Since returning to school after the Easter holidays our English has been reading and performing the poem I Asked the Little Boy Who Cannot See. We are thinking about how to describe colour using our senses of hearing, tasting, touch and smelling. Last week we tasted marshmallows, pomegranate, oranges and lemonade, we smelt vanilla, freshly cut grass and flowers, we have listened to waves crashing, music from Swan Lake and wolves howling. This week we have created colour wheels in art to talk about complementary and analogue colours. Next week we will be writing our own versions of the poem.

We have been working as historians, finding out about the Anglo-Saxons, where they came from, when they arrived in Britain and how they lived.

We have started our swimming lessons at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, the children are all doing very well. Some children started the lesson using floatation aids and by the end they were swimming unaided!