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  • First Few Weeks in Business

    Published 23/09/22, by Rachel Holt


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  • Strawpocalypse!

    Published 08/07/22, by Rachel Holt

    RH have found out about a sculpture made from 168,000 straws to highlight the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.

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  • Terrific Teamwork!

    Published 10/06/22, by Rachel Holt

    Floating and Sinking Challenge

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  • News from RH

    Published 27/05/22, by Rachel Holt

    Jubilee Celebrations

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  • Whale Watching!

    Published 17/05/22, by Rachel Holt

    Team work to find out about whales.

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  • A Colourful Week

    Published 28/04/22, by Rachel Holt

    Working with colours.

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