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Happy New Year!

New year continues in the same positive vain!

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you had a restful break with families over the Christmas period. It was good to see many of you on the first day, but it seems, like me, the dreaded illnesses caught hold of some of you and made you feel quite poorly. I hope you recover soon. 

Swimming for Year 3 began today and I am thrilled that everyone took part and enjoyed themselves immensely. Remember this is an important life skill and part of our curriculum, so we need everyone, regardless of ability, to participate and learn all they can. The staff that accompany and Mrs. Kirby at GYCA are supportive instructors and only want the best for all pupils.  

Next week, I will enjoy popping into classes to see how everyone is getting on with their work this term and enjoying some meetings with our pupil committees. 

Please ensure you read my Spring term newsletter and keep the calendar of events somewhere safe for your reference to inform you about all the up-and-coming events. 

Have a great weekend everyone!