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Head Over Heels for Barton

Barton House Captains are Headteachers for the Day!

Today, we got to see the first House Captains as Headteachers for the Day and they were fabulous in the role. They carried out a learning walk in each school finding evidence of a thirst for learning within each class and conducted a good work assembly at the Infant school. They met with a contractor and we talked about our new project to house bees in our nature area. They led a Junior Leadership Team (JLT) meeting about our memory box campaign for the elderly and emailed a local residential home to see if they would like us to visit them with the boxes. They were so engaged throughout the day that they both said, "We have had an absolutely amazing time and wish we could do it every day." That was rewarding to hear. Well done Barton House. 

 At the beginning of the week, we had a storyteller visit, Paul Jackson, and he had the children hanging off his every word with the tales he was sharing. He made his stories come alive with musical accompaniment and the children were thoroughly engaged. He then headed off to the Infant school to entertain and enthral them.

The Tag-Rugby training sessions have been extremely enjoyable over the last few weeks and I had forgotten how much I enjoy coaching the sport. I do not think I have laughed so much, so I thank all the children who have participated. I appreciate the disappointment from some that they were not selected for the tournament due to squad size limitations, but I urge them to persevere and continue to improve. 

Next week, we have Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, not to mention the Years 5 & 6 mixed Tag-Rugby tournament on Thursday over at Lowestoft and Yarmouth Rugby Club. Fingers crossed the team performs well - I am sure they will. 

Have a great weekend everyone!