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A Royal Affair and A Choral Extravaganza

Cross-Phase Projects and a good, old Sing-Song!

This week has been a week that has made me truly proud of the children we have across our Federation of schools because not only have they performed in class as normal, but they have shown a genuine desire to learn from the older pupils in a couple of cross-phase projects. Pictured above is one example, where Years 1 and 2 children went over to the Junior school for Year 4 pupils to explain and lead the younger ones through the art of Geo-Caching. This was extremely exciting and something the Infants greatly enjoyed, but it also highlighted the fact that our older pupils had retained a lot of information from their lessons on it whilst at Flegg High School. 

Moreover, our Year 6 pupils visited the Infant school and worked alongside the Reception cohort explaining and helping them undertake some Art activities. Watching the younger pupils hanging on every word from the older pupils is a sight to behold. It also gave the older pupils the opportunities for leadership and responsibility. I am sure it will not damage their street credentials too much when some of them pretended to be horses galloping across the playground.  

Our Junior choir travelled off to the Norfolk Show, where despite the coach delays, they performed wonderfully well for all those going by. Not to mention singing en masse under the guidance of Gareth Malone, the TV Choirmaster. Behaviour was impeccable and their talents all shone through. We were all very proud.   

Preparations are in full swing for Sports' Day on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th July and the children have been busily practising their events. Fingers crossed the good weather holds. 

Next week on Monday 3rd July, we have our Federation transition day, where pupils will get to experience their new classes and new staff. It will be fun for the Year 6 children who will be attending their High Schools - very grown up.  On Friday 7th July, the Year 6 children will be going off to Thorpe Park as a reward forming part of their Leavers' Package. We hope they have lots of fun. Any Year 6 children not going will be expected in school. 

Have a great weekend everyone!